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Hand-Crafted Quirky Lunch and Dinner Dishes

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Independent Weekly

  • 2007 Best Sandwich in the Triangle
  • 2008 Best Sandwich in the Triangle
  • 2009 Best Sandwich in the Triangle

Bon Apetit

VANITY FAIR August, 2009

"Our favorite sandwiches across the country"

Sandwhich's Grass-fed Meatloaf with Crispy Bacon and Balsamic Glaze

The Huffington Post

"10 Best US Cities For Local Food"

Chapel Hill has been described as a place with a devoted locavore following where the foodies not only have a favorite chef but also a preferred farmer. Sandwhich (a personal favorite of Green Editor Katherine Goldstein) serves heavenly sandwiches while using only the best ingredients from nearby farms
By Barbara Fenig/Katherine Goldstein August 6, 2009

Chapel Hill Magazine

"Six great sandwiches - Lamb Tagine - flavorful and unique, Hich's sandwich creation is truly something to celebrate"

By Andrea Griffith May, 2009

Bon Appetit

Best of the year - What was the best restaurant dish you ate in 2008?

Sandwhich was among the top ten "Lamb tagine sandwich with home made potato chips"

By Andrew Knowlton January, 2009

Bon Appetit

Where to Eat in America's Foodiest Small Town

By Andrew Knowlton Sep, 2008

News and Observer

"Come to think of it, just about anything you order here is so good, the traditional word "sandwich" doesn't quite do it justice. A better name might be, oh, I don't know, maybe Sandwhich."

By Greg Cox, Aug 08, 2008


"The Outrageous B.L.T. should come with a warning: Extra Napkins Required. It was messy but marvelous! The ingredients that really gave this sandwich a kick were the avocadoes and jalapenos. Yum!"

By Bill Leslie, Jul 2008

News and Observer

"The $9.25 price is more than most of us commoners are accustomed to paying for a sandwich, but trust me, it's worth every penny. Besides, when is the last time you were able to enjoy a meal fit for royalty for less than 10 bucks?"

By By Greg Cox, Apr 13, 2008

News and Observer

"People think of a sandwich as a really cheap food, but he's elevating it to an art form," says Kelly Alexander, a Chapel Hill-based food writer and editor, most recently for Saveur magazine. "It's too reductive to say Hich is a sandwich maker. He's a great chef with a great palate."

By By Andrea Weigl, Mar 02, 2008

Serious Eats New York

"Hich Elbetri makes magic at SandwHich (Chapel Hill, NC) taking fresh, local, organic ingredients and transforming them into a meal that's beyond what you'd normally find between two pieces of bread."

By By Ed Levyn, Dec 18, 2007

Independent Weekly

"If Hicham and Janet Elbetri, owners of Franklin Street's tasty SandwHich, were anything but the extremely genial folks they are, Chapel Hill could have its own Seinfeldian lunchtime legend."

By By Jane Hobson Snyder, Jan 17, 2007

News and Observer

"Judging by the crowds, owners Hich and Janet Elbetri have found a winning formula with their scratch-made soups and gourmet sandwiches."

By Greg Cox, Sep 14, 2005

News and Observer

"As the name implies, Sandwhich is not your run-of-the-mill sandwich shop."

By Greg Cox, Jun 29, 2005

407 West Franklin Street - Chapel Hill, NC 27516 - (919) 929 2114

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