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Bon Appetit – see us on P. 24! December 15, 2008

Posted by Janet & Hich in : SANDWHICH musings , comments closed

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We’re in the January Issue of Bon Appetit — page 24!!!  Fun!!!
Holiday hours — closed Dec 25 and Jan 1, open regular hours otherwise (M-Sa 11-4).

You might enjoy checking out page 24 of the January issue of Bon Appetit (on shelves currently, because magazines always come out early).  We got a tiny, but incredibly flattering mention as one of the “BA Foodist’s” favorite meals of 2008…that he ate anywhere in the whole world. 

I always like to extrapolate a little and I think that what the BA Foodist is actually saying is that we are among the TOP TEN RESTAURANTS OF THE ENTIRE WORLD! 

But even if we weren’t, we’d be thrilled with our “Best of” award given to us by voting readers of the Independent, who honored us recently with “Best Sandwich in the Triangle”. 

And even if we hadn’t earned the Best Of in the Indy or the Top Ten from Bon Appetit, I’d be perfectly satisfied with what I just read.  I “happened upon” a pile of customer suggestions that had been filled out and then lost, in a pile somewhere on the Sandwhich desk in the back office.  The forms were filled with raves and compliments and plenty of excellent suggestions.  We always read the suggestion forms immediately, and we had read all of these, and enjoyed every one.  I’m just sorry they got lost, because I had intended to enter them in our e-mail list.

Therefore, some of you may be receiving this e-mail for the first time after having given us your address in 2007.  Any number of you may already have completed your stint in Chapel Hill and moved on.  Maybe you’re in Peru, or Sweden, eating at one of the BA Foodist’s other favorite places. 

But I must say, even if a year or so overdue:  THANK YOU to all of you who fill out our customer suggestion forms.  We love hearing your thoughts, positive or negative, and we appreciate being part of this extremely cool community.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays to you all even….even!….those of you who practice, say, witchcraft. 

Over here at Sandwhich?  We practice ‘which-craft. 

We’ll be closed Christmas Day and NYs Day, but we’ll be open our regular hours and days other than that — M-Sat, 11am – 4pm. 


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