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Good Neighbors May 13, 2008

Posted by Janet & Hich in : SANDWHICH musings , comments closed

Dear friends, neighbors and fellow sandwich-eaters,

Some of you may know we’ve had our share of drama over at The Courtyard of Chapel Hill.  Blah blah blah blah blah…. there’s plenty to say, but my brain is rather maxed out on the details.  Call it a log jam.  Suffice it to say, we keep our minds focused on the delicious food we aim to serve you every day, and we try to keep grateful hearts for the blessings we have had. 

Today, our 5-year-old was eating bread, butter, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Tupelo honey (Harris-Teeter brand!) for his breakfast.  The honey was so good that he looked at me and asked if we could say a prayer of thanks for the bees that made that good honey. 

I’d call myself deeply agnostic.  I don’t know who made those bees, but I’m more than happy to call that entity God.  So I said, “Thank you, God, for the bees who go to the flowers to drink delicious nectar, and then gather pollen in special little pockets on their legs, and go to other flowers to get more nectar and drop the pollen, so the flowers can make lots and lots more beautiful flowers, and thank you for sending those bees back to their nest, so they can make this wonderful honey we are having for our breakfast.  Amen.”

Then on the way to school, we had to say another prayer for the caterpillars and the butterflies and the worms.  I forgot the worms in the prayer, was duly reminded, and had to create another prayer just for them about what a good job they do mixing up the soil, and how fun they are to play with.

And all this bigness just kind of dwarfs any other things that might be going on.  Bees are so little, really, but they are so huge.  They have pockets on their tiny legs that hold pollen!  How crazy and specialized is that?  Athiests might not have a word for this wonderfulness, but I think we all recognize how utterly spectacular our tiny stinging friends are.

Among our blessings are the friends we have made here in Chapel Hill, like local metalworker, Leo Gaev (see his link on this site), who fashioned for us a smoker Hich uses to make the delicious smoked cauliflower you’ll find in one of our newer offerings:

Smoked Cauliflower/ 8.99
House-smoked cauliflower baked with free-range eggs, oven-dried tomatoes, Cabot cheddar and fresh oregano on sourdough.

You gotta try it.  And if you like it, thank the bees, because we wouldn’t have cauliflower without them. 

Image of bee pollinating a morning glory:



On Another Note…. As to gratitude, if you’re in the mood to share, here are some links you can use to support your neighbors in Myanmar.  Surely there are scores of other good organizations doing similar work…I am simply listing the ones most familiar to me.




– Janet 5/13/08

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